Unfriending Facebook: Day 1

The day after the Parkland shooting….I had finally had it.

My abusive relationship with Facebook had to end.

The process to archive was simple enough, but the download took about an hour and a half. The whole time, I scrolled through FB, wondering how many friends would notice. How many people would I lose touch with completely? That hour felt like I was preparing mentally for myself to go to a funeral. A funeral for all of my friends en masse. Continue reading Unfriending Facebook: Day 1

Little Brighid


Little Brighid:
A UPG introduction to Brighid for children

The Daghda was a mighty warrior. King to a people known as the Tuatha de Danann. He was wide and strong, carrying a heavy magical club that could harm his enemies, or bring life to the fallen. He was never hungry, because he had a magical cauldron that was always full of food no matter how much he ate.

But he was grumpy. Continue reading Little Brighid

How to make great digital images for free for your blog, social media campaign or Facebook/Instagram.

For a long time, I had a blog through blogger and I wondered what the difference was between my blog and the professional looking blogs I had been following and loved. Really, it seemed that my blog lacked polish. These other bloggers had what looked like extensive photography skills and an incredible eye for composition. Continue reading How to make great digital images for free for your blog, social media campaign or Facebook/Instagram.

Someone who believes in you

It’s been well over a year since I started writing my book. I’ve taken months off when the act of putting my memories down became too much of an emotional burden. I’ve taken months off when it wasn’t a priority because I was sick, or busy or felt like I wasn’t an expert in the field.
I’ve come back and picked it up once or twice, but always got side tracked. I had plenty of people excited when I got excited. But in the normal, day to day acts, writing is a lonely and occasionally will-sapping task.

Continue reading Someone who believes in you

Handprint heart cutout tutorial

Making and receiving gifts from the heart is one of my favorite ways to incorporate personalization and art into something really special.

This year for Mother’s Day I wanted to make something special for the moms in our lives. I got inspiration on Pinterest and decided to give a try at these hand-print hearts. I made one, loved it and decided to make more and photograph the process to make a tutorial. Continue reading Handprint heart cutout tutorial

Miracle Morning – A month of affirmations

I am working with a great group of people in the Boho Berry Tribe on facebook.

Part of that miracle morning is planning out affirmations to help me start each day. I thought it would be helpful for me to plan these out ahead of time so I can save a bit of tine on the planning each day and get right to the miracle-making. Continue reading Miracle Morning – A month of affirmations

My 30 days with The Miracle Morning


Hello lovelies!

I am going to embark on a new project, inspired by The Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod. Having been a part of the Boho Berry tribe on Facebook, created by Kara Benz at BohoBerry.com, I kept seeing posts about the “Level 10 Life”.  Continue reading My 30 days with The Miracle Morning