This week, I’m working on a few commissions requested by some great friends. I’m fascinated by the slogan that was taken from Senator Mitch McConnell’s explanation of why Senator Elizabeth Warren’s reading of Coretta Scott King’s thirty year old letter before the Jeff Sessions nomination debate was interrupted.

His direct quote was, “She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.” It has become a battle cry for many who feel they have been asked to be silent too much. And it fascinates me to wonder how these turns of phrase become their own and how they can be used to empower and inspire others.


I’m using 5x7in flat canvas, but it’s creating its own challenges. The Tombow dual brush pens I love so much don’t seem to work on the stiff pre-gessoed flats, so I’ve been resorting to using Sharpies and other ink pens to get the richer colors. It has been an interesting week practicing, trying out new methods and creating pieces that inspire people! Have an amazing day!

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Hello all, I'm Traci, crafty pagan gamer mom. I'm trying to transition from my old blog to this one, and start fresh with some new content, updates about the games, people and creations I'm excited about.

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