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Montessori on a budget – Textured tracing letters


I have always wanted to try and use some Montessori methods at our house to help our two kids to learn when they aren’t at school. 

While I love supporting the community of Montessori craftspersons out there, I don’t always have the extra money to buy the real deal.

I am really fond of the sandpaper letters our kids play with at school. While they aren’t close to reading yet, my kids are really interested in letters and numbers. A set of all capital wooden sandpaper letters  can run $30-$40 on Etsy, and the same for a lowercase or numbers set.

When I saw the textured glitter letter stickers at my local dollar store, I saw an opportunity to try and make a facsimile of a set, I had to try!

IMG_20170506_161351291First, I started with the glitter stickers and I found an old 4×4 craft paper stack I had bought for $5 with a coupon a whole back. Initially I wanted them to all be separated, but the idea of making a flip book was pretty appealing.

Then I put a letter on each page and then went from 1-0 after the alphabet.

And now I have a flip book of letters.

The font isn’t perfect, but I’m​ happy with my $6 letters!

Let me know what you think and what hacks you have used to make Montessori education at home a bit less costly.

💜 ~Traci


4 thoughts on “Montessori on a budget – Textured tracing letters

  1. I enjoyed this blog! I hope lots of people blog about their experiences with the Montessori method. I’ll be writing one soon. A book you may want to read is “How to raise an Amazing Child”-The Montessori Way by Tim Seldin. I got mine from Amazon. It includes themes such as; why Montessori? Building sensory awareness, ethics, parenting, conflict resolution and the best time to learn. This book is a jewel!


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