Montessori on a budget – Textured tracing letters


I have always wanted to try and use some Montessori methods at our house to help our two kids to learn when they aren’t at school. 

While I love supporting the community of Montessori craftspersons out there, I don’t always have the extra money to buy the real deal.

I am really fond of the sandpaper letters our kids play with at school. While they aren’t close to reading yet, my kids are really interested in letters and numbers. A set of all capital wooden sandpaper letters  can run $30-$40 on Etsy, and the same for a lowercase or numbers set.

When I saw the textured glitter letter stickers at my local dollar store, I saw an opportunity to try and make a facsimile of a set, I had to try!

IMG_20170506_161351291First, I started with the glitter stickers and I found an old 4×4 craft paper stack I had bought for $5 with a coupon a whole back. Initially I wanted them to all be separated, but the idea of making a flip book was pretty appealing.

Then I put a letter on each page and then went from 1-0 after the alphabet.

And now I have a flip book of letters.

The font isn’t perfect, but I’m​ happy with my $6 letters!

Let me know what you think and what hacks you have used to make Montessori education at home a bit less costly.

💜 ~Traci


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Hello all, I'm Traci, crafty pagan gamer mom. I'm trying to transition from my old blog to this one, and start fresh with some new content, updates about the games, people and creations I'm excited about.

4 thoughts on “Montessori on a budget – Textured tracing letters”

  1. I enjoyed this blog! I hope lots of people blog about their experiences with the Montessori method. I’ll be writing one soon. A book you may want to read is “How to raise an Amazing Child”-The Montessori Way by Tim Seldin. I got mine from Amazon. It includes themes such as; why Montessori? Building sensory awareness, ethics, parenting, conflict resolution and the best time to learn. This book is a jewel!


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