May Bullet Journal is blooming



So I had been admiring fancy calligraphy and fountain pens since working with some as a teenager at the Historical Society. I had owned a few cheap ones and have wanted to make my penmanship a bit better before entertaining the idea of getting more expensive pens.

And then a friend bought one for me as a gift and another friend got me turned on to bullet journals. They looked so intimidating and lovely, it took me weeks to even try to look for a journal that would work for me. Like most things, I made boards on Pinterest, I joined groups and followed blogs before deciding to find a cheap, dotted blog.

I’ve been addicted since fall of last year.

I’ve tried out lots of spreads, tried all kinds of pens, markers and joined several groups for bullet journaling. I’ve found several people to be incredibly helpful and inspiring during this process, one being Kara Benz, from She and her Facebook tribe have shared tips and kept me fully appraised of new styles and trends. I’ve been successfully bullet journaling sine last fall and I’m loving the creative part meshing with the help with organization.

Since I’ve been interested in trying to improve my doodling and drawing as well as calligraphy, I thought I’d try something like a project I saw on Pinterest. And this May’s first page is my favorite so far!

If you’re interested, I’m happy to write about styles I’ve tried and the successes (and failures) I’ve found in this ever changing process.

Love and light!




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Hello all, I'm Traci, crafty pagan gamer mom. I'm trying to transition from my old blog to this one, and start fresh with some new content, updates about the games, people and creations I'm excited about.

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